Mushroom Compost

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Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost (also referred to as 'spent mushroom substrate' or 'mushroom soil') has become a popular organic soil amendment for the establishment and maintenance of lawns and sports fields, gardens, agricultural and horticultural crops and with land reclamation projects. Mushroom compost is a viable and useful by-product of mushroom farming. Those edible mushrooms found in the produce section of your grocery store are grown in a specific medium. This growth media is a mixture of agricultural materials, such as straw from horse stables, hay, poultry litter, ground corn cobs, cottonseed hulls, cocoa shells, peat moss, and other natural organic substances. These products are formed into a rich organic media that serves as the nutrient source for mushrooms. After the mushroom crop is harvested, this organic material is removed from the production house, where it is processed into a consistent homogeneous by-product called 'mushroom compost.'

In general, a great, organic compost, that will improve plant growth in poor or marginal soils. This is because compost amended into those soils will improve the structure of clay soils, reduce surface crusting and compaction and therefore improve drainage, increase beneficial soil microbial activity, and provide nutrients to plants which can reduce the need for fertilizer. Overall, compost can be very beneficial to the soil, and mushroom compost is no exception.


Technical Specifications

Benefits of Mushroom Compost:

  • Mushroom Compost has high water and nutrient holding capacity and exhibits no nitrogen draw down problems.
  • As a fertilizer and soil amendment for farming, Mushroom Compost supports plant growth in a variety of plant applications such as corn, pumpkin, tomato and potato yields.
  • Mushroom Compost supports plant growth of mulch hays from orchard grass, timothy, reed canary grass, tall fescue and brome grass.
  • As a fertilizer and soil amendment for lawn care and landscaping, Mushroom Compost supports plant growth and inhibits artillery fungus.
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