Mozart TR Fungicide - Whitmire

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Mozart TR Fungicide - Whitmire

Mozart TR fungicide, with the active ingredient fludioxonil, is the latest total release fungicide from BASF. It provides broad-spectrum prevention and control of key diseases including alternaria and botrytis. Easy to use because there is no tank-mixing or large labor investment needed with this product. Just one can of Mozart TR fungicide covers 4,500 square feet. If disease is high, you may increase the number of Mozart TR fungicide cans to cover every 1,500 feet of affected area. Do not use Mozart TR fungicide on Matthiola incanae (stock) or hydrangea plants.

Technical Specifications

  • Mozart TR fungicide is a total release fungicide for use in greenhouses, bedding plants, cut flowers, hanging baskets, potted flowering plants, perennials, and ornaments.
  • Formulated to control alternaria and botrytis.
  • Active ingredient: Fludioxonil
  • One can covers 4,500 feet.
  • Four applications are allowed per plant cycle or within a six-month period of time.

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