Up-Star Gold, 1 Gallon

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Up-Star Gold, 1 Gallon

Up-Star Gold with the active ingredient of Bifenthrin is an insecticide designed to control pest. This insecticide can be used around trees, lawns and ornamentals. Dilute Up-Star Gold in water and apply as a foliar spray using a hand or power-operated equipment. When insects become visible take control by using Up-Star Gold.

Up-Star Gold will zap out pests such as bagworms, cutworms, beetles, caterpillars, ants, bees, weevils, whiteflies and some many more pests. This product is one of few capable of controlling Lepidoptera, such as bagworm, gypsy moth or tent caterpillars.

Caution: Do not apply by air. Do not use in greenhouses or nurseries. Do not apply this product through any kind of irrigation system. Not for use on golf course, sod farms, or grass grown from seed. Do not apply a broadcast application to interior surfaces of homes.

Technical Specifications

  • One gallon of product yields 590-1,185 gallons of foliar spray solution, one quart yields 148-296 gallons.
  • Easy to use.
  • Effective contact and residual control of insects on trees, lawns and ornamental.
  • Insects controlled include grasshoppers, ants, leafhoppers, Japanese beetles, fire ants, crickets, and more.
  • Formulated from the highest grade of technical bifenthrin.

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