Chestnut Oak Tree - 1 Gallon Potted

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Chestnut Oak Tree - 1 Gallon Potted
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The Chestnut Oak earns its name due to the resemblance of its leaves to the American Chestnut. Also called Rock Oak, Rock Chestnut Oak, or Mountain Oak. Considered a member of the White Oak group and the Beech family, it is related to Beeches, Chestnuts, and other Oaks. It survives where other trees do not, mostly on steep, rocky areas with dry, barren soil.

Chestnut Oak features bark that is characteristically dark and very rough. In older trees, it is typically broken into long, V-shaped ridges that are separated by deep furrows. It has simple broad, flat leaves that are not lobed.


  • You are purchasing one Chestnut Oak Tree planted in a 1 Gallon Pot
  • The acorns are an important source of food for various types of wildlife
  • Grows in an oval to rounded shape
  • Note: Images are of mature plants
  • Botanical Name: Quercus prinus
  • Mature Size (H x W): 60’ x 50’
  • Soil: Moist, well-drained soils of acidic pH
  • Hardiness Zone: 4-8
  • Sun Exposure: Full to partial sun
  • Characteristics: Rough bark
  • Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate
  • Tolerance: Drought
  • Suggested Uses: Ornamental, specimen, accent plant

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