Tropical Banana Tree - Musa Basjoo - Healthy Potted Plant

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Tropical Banana Tree - Musa Basjoo - Healthy Potted Plant
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Imagine growing tropical bananas in your outdoor garden as far north as New England! With this Hardy Banana you'll get a defining tropical look. And yes, with proper mulching, it can withstand temperatures below zero. We recommend a heavy layer of mulch in the winter or bringing it indoors in a sunny location.

This extremely vigorous banana grows many feet in a season and in time forms large clumps that can reach up to 15' in height. Also known as the Japanese Fiber Banana, it makes a fine container specimen. If grown inside, it will tolerate varying conditions of temperature and light with ease. Although it does produce bananas, they are inedible. Simple to grow, give it plenty of water, fertilizer and sunlight.

Tip: Prune to 2' above ground at first frost and apply mulch for winter protection. Remove mulch and feed with a general purpose fertilizer when new growth begins in the spring.


  • You are purchasing a Musa 'Basjoo' Banana tree starter plant growing in a 4" pot
  • Vigourous grower
  • Cold hardy banana tree - will survive temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit if mulched
  • Beautiful deep green foliage - tropical look
  • Does not produce edible fruit
  • Note: Images are of mature plants
  • Family: Musaceae 'Basjoo' Hardy Banana/Japanese Banana
  • Mature Size (H x W): 15' x 15'
  • Soil: During active growth constantly moist soil and fertilized weekly
  • Hardiness Zones: 5-11
  • Sun Exposure: Full/Partial Sun
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Pests: Aphids, spider mites, mealy bugs, and scale
  • Suggested Use: Border, container, poolside for a tropical look

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