Kiwi Vines, 4" square Pot, 1 each

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Kiwi Vines, 4" square Pot, 1 each
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All orders to California will be shipped bare root in accordance with state regulations.

These kiwi vines are potted in 4” square pots. These vines are guaranteed healthy and will take root in your garden or orchard when planted upon receipt of live plant.

*Note: Images are of mature plants*


  • Ananasnaya:AKA: Hardy Anna Kiwi. Sweet and nutritious bite-sized fruit – high in Vitamin C and potassium. Hardy Anna kiwi has emerald-green flesh and a sweet taste similar to fuzzy kiwi, but they’re smaller and you eat them like a grape, tender skin and all. Vigorous female fruiting vine that is easy to grow, extremely hardy, and produces a heavy crop of tasty fruit. Anna’s grape-sized fruit hangs in bunches on this most vigorous productive vine. A good beginner kiwi, easy to grow. Space on a “T” trellis at 15’ apart. Very ornamental with showy red leaf stems. Requires a male for pollination.
  • Issai: This mini-kiwi has a restrained habit, needs no pollinator, and sets the most delicious miniature fruit we have ever tasted. In the garden or even in containers, you will find it easy and rewarding. Glossy foliage, fragrant 1-inch white blooms in early summer, and a generous harvest of 1- to 1 3/4-inch fruit in mid-fall. ‘Issai’ has a really remarkable flavor, much sweeter and more succulent than the fuzzy kiwis found in stores. The fruit is smooth, green, and just a little soft when fully ripe. Best of all, ‘Issai’ is self-fertile, so you need plant only one. ‘Issai’ is perfect for containers. You simply cannot go wrong with this delightful mini kiwi!
  • Ken’s Red:Hardy female kiwi ‘Ken’s Red’ produces a grape-sized fruit with smooth red skin! This kiwi has a superb flavor and is a pleasure to eat. These sweet gems are the perfect bite sized snack – eat them whole, just like grapes. Deep red fruit have non-fuzzy skin and delicious flavor. Vines will spread 15-20 feet and are best supported by a trellis. Both male and female plants are needed for fruit production, only the female produces fruit.
  • Ananasnaya
    Ken’s Red

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