Hazelnut Tree - Healthy Bare Root Plants - 3 pack

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Hazelnut Tree - Healthy Bare Root Plants - 3 pack

Hazelnut trees, also known as American Filbert, make an ideal barrier, privacy screen or hedge. This deciduous tree grows like a shrub when you permit the suckers to grow freely. The Hazelnut tree produces edible nuts and will attract squirrels.

Hazelnut grows best in partially shaded to fully shade with moist, loamy or sandy soil. For most vigorous growth and nut production, plant the tree in a spot with exposure to northern sunlight. Hazelnut grows 12 to 20 feet tall. It forms a rounded or umbrella-shaped canopy that provides dense shade for your yard. It has slim, zigzagging twigs with red hairs and smooth, light gray-brown that develops a netted pattern with maturity. You can prune the growth on a hazelnut tree during all seasons. This tree will produce nuts in three to four years of growth. The nuts are covered in a husk that is easy to pop off by hand. The wildlife will love this tree!


  • Purchase 3 Bare Root Plants 18”-24”
  • Plant two trees for pollination
  • Zone: 4 - 9
  • Small, sweet nuts

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