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Quonset GreenhouseQuonset: The Quonset Greenhouse is perfect for the beginner to the experienced grower. It is our most popular and economical line of hoop houses. The single bend of this cold frame greenhouse is also very rigid and is one of our stronger designs. You will not have trouble with this easy to assemble cold frame. All our greenhouses are made from commercial grade products here in the USA.
Low Sidewall Greenhouse3.5 ft. Low Sidewall: The Low Sidewall Greenhouse is a wonderful option for growers who desire a lower profile house and do not need a lot of vertical square footage! This greenhouse is much more affordable to heat and cool, with a lower center height. You can use tables and shelving units in this cold frame. Since the sidewalls are vertical instead of curved you won’t lose growing space as you would with the Quonset, giving you plenty of room out to the very edges of the greenhouse to move freely.
High Sidewall Greenhouse7.5 ft High Sidewall: The High Sidewall Greenhouse is perfect for taller crops or shelving. The high walls and center height make this hoop house great for storing equipment and getting tractors in and out of the structure. The 7.5 ft Sidewall will give you plenty of room to move freely around. Metal trusses or cable trusses are also available for this style.
Super Duty GreenhouseSuper Duty: The Super Duty is part of our commercial line of greenhouses, and one of our strongest structures. This cold frame is made of 1 5/8" (hoops) and 2" (sidewalls) American Made Steel, with a 14 ft center height. This height gives you enough room to get equipment and trucks in and out of the house easily. The Super Duty gives you the vertical square footage you are looking for with the strength to match! One of our most popular NRCS High Tunnel Program Greenhouses.
Glacier GreenhouseGlacier Series: The Glacier Series is one of the strongest greenhouses on the market, and the newest design available to you! You requested us to design a peaked roof style, and we answered the call! The unique design of Gothic pitch combined with our 1 5/8" and 2" American-made Steel proves time and again to be superior to other cold frames, with a center height of 14’. With metal trusses throughout, this hoop house looks snow in the eye and laugh as it slides right down. This is one of our two commercial lines of greenhouses and is very popular with the NRCS High Tunnel Program.

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