Garlic Varieties - 1 Pound

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Garlic Varieties - 1 Pound
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Garlic - a first choice for seasoning in many countries.  There are so many flavor palates and characteristics to choose from.  Whether you prefer a strong hot flavor or more mild we can help you out.  Some of us want cloves that are easy to peel and some don't care because they're just roasting the garlic.  Whatever your decision is based on, chances are we have your favorite.  

These "Hardneck" varieties will have fewer, larger cloves and a strong center.    

Duganski  - Lovely nutty flavor when cooked, very nice baked whole, and moderate to hot when raw.  

German Red  - Strong, spicy, and easy to peel.  This is a great choice for northern cold winters.  

Krandasger  - The colder the winter, the better this garlic gets!  6-8 good size purple stripe cloves is the normal for this mid-summer crop.  
Music  -  One of the best known and most sought after.  Large easy to peel cloves have complex mild flavor.  

Purple Glazer  - The purple striped skin is easy to peel.  The strong flavor, low heat and lack of aftertaste will make this your favorite.  

Garlic can be planted in the spring as soon as the ground can be worked, but fall planting is recommended. In areas that get a hard frost, plant garlic 6-8 weeks before the first frost, cover with a 3" layer of straw, grass clippings or other organic mulch.  Check out our Growers Tips here!


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