Tips & Tricks

Using Vermicompost (worm castings)

Worm castings are one of the best all-natural fertilizers you can supplement your garden and indoor plants with. It can be used like ordinary (aerobic) compost and you can’t over do it. Worm castings will not burn up your plants. You can dig it in lightly around your plants in the topsoil or you can […]

Using Row Covers

With the coming of spring and warmer weather, we can expect to start seeing more pests. More pests mean more problems, but not to worry. Using row cover for pest and weather protection is easy and relatively cheap. Check out Grower’s Solution for row covers . They sell 3 different varieties of thickness for the […]

Grow Your Own Asparagus

Asparagus is a perennial that will produce for up to 15-20 years, so the location of your bed needs to be well planned out. Prepare a permanent bed in full sun and in a well-drained area. Asparagus roots will not do well in waterlogged soil. They prefer soil with a pH of 6.5-7.5. The asparagus […]

Using Cover Crops In the Garden

Bare soil is like having a skinned knee and cover crops are like Band-Aids. Soil without any vegetative growth or some kind of cover is a waste to the garden. Here are some good reasons to plant cover crops in your garden: They help prevent erosion by acting as a Velcro and holding the soil […]

Beneficial Insects

I have heard ‘if you build it, they will come’.( This is very true of attracting beneficial insects into your garden or greenhouse. First, you need to determine what pests you have and which beneficials prey on them. Then, you will know what type of habitat to grow and maintain. This can easily be done with […]

How to Attract Birds

Birds are a wonder to watch from any window, but if you aren’t providing the essentials, there won’t be any birds to watch. There are three things you can do to attract these winged creatures. Providing a food source is the first step in attracting birds. You can buy a bird feeder or you can make […]

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