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Growing with Hydroponics

Hydroponics…even though this growing process has been around for centuries, it is becoming more and more popular among growers, especially in larger productions. Some of these include growing, lettuce, regular garden plants, such as tomatoes, and even tilapia. Growing plants hydroponically means using mineral nutrient solutions in water, without using soil. Instead, perlite, gravel, mineral […]

The Lowdown on Downy Mildew

Downy mildew can be a death sentence for plants. There are several symptoms that help distinguish whether or not your plants have been affected, but if not taken care of prior or right after, there is pretty much no hope. As a grower, this can be troublesome because that is money and time down the […]

Goji Berry

As gardeners start planting their crops and plants, they are always looking for ways to put them above the competition ranging from the biggest fruits and veggies, to having the richest taste, to the most exotic and eye-catching plants and crops. For those of you that are looking to impress the crowd, you should check […]

How to Choose the Right Irrigation System

Irrigation systems are a way of life for small and large scale farmers. They require less work for the farmer that rises before dawn and retires inside after sundown. Here at Growers Solution, we have a wide range of irrigation systems to choose from, each ranging in different aspects to meet your production needs. It […]

The Soil Catcher

Don’t you just hate it when you are in your greenhouse, filling pots or trays with soil, and it ends up spilling on the ground and is wasted? Wouldn’t you like to keep that soil and use it to your benefit and keep you from essentially losing money? Well, this easy to make soil catcher […]

Cute but Damaging...

Wild rabbits can be great to look at and fun to see in your yard, but when they get to your garden, that is a different story. After all of your hard, tedious work of growing plants and crops, it can be aggravating waking up to a half-eaten garden. There are ways to keep those pesky rabbits […]

Basics to Building a Greenhouse

Constructing a greenhouse for the first time can be overwhelming; however, if knowledge and facts are gathered, it can become a great hobby or business. Some basic steps to building a greenhouse are mandatory to figure out before you actually start the work. First, deciding what kind of ground it is going to be sitting […]

Treegators and Ooze Tubes

Before I go into detail about these two tree-watering systems, both systems can dramatically reduce the hand watering costs during the summer season, especially in under-irrigated areas. Grower’s Solution sells two different size Treegators. They are perfect for the newly transplanted tree, shrub, and evergreen. The Treegator Junior Pro Drip Irrigation is designed to fit under […]

Greenhouse Convection Tubing

Here in Middle TN, temperatures have reached the 100’s. In addition, if you are working in your greenhouse, you know being under plastic is like being in an oven. But, if you have a fan, we have a solution.

Pros & Cons - Plastic and Paper mulch

For this blog, I am drawing from my own experiences working with all varieties of plastic and paper mulch. For small or commercial growers, using plastic or paper mulch will save you a lot of time. You will not have to worry about pulling weeds or watering as often. These mulches are great for weed […]

Be a Friend to Pollinators

All information is provided by the USDA and Natural Resources Conservation Service Animal pollinators are essential to reproduction for 35% of the world’s food crops, but they are disappearing. Pollinators are in trouble! Bees, bats, and other animal pollinators face many challenges in the modern world. Habitat loss, disease, parasites, and other environmental contaminants have […]

Cow "poop" Pots

Two dairy farmers, brothers Matt and Ben Freund from northwest Connecticut have figured out a way to incorporate manure and plants into your garden at the same time. “Farmers and gardeners have always considered cow manure a wholesome organic soil amendment for their gardens. The challenge for these two brothers was to find a new […]

DIY Softwood Propagating

Propagation by stem cuttings is the most commonly used method to propagate many woody ornamental plants. Stem cuttings of many favorite shrubs are quite easy to root.

Support your local farmers

If you haven’t enjoyed locally grown, fresh farm produce, then you aren’t living!! “There is growing concern within the food industry that the rising costs of energy for transportation, unfair labor practices, and the negative impact of chemicals used to boost food production are becoming increasingly unsustainable. One way that environmentally and socially conscious eaters […]

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