Jumpstart the Season With Indoor Lights!

Growing season is soon coming, and it being almost February, gardeners need to be thinking about their whole season. Starting tomatoes early for instance provides the tomato plant more time to get large, sometimes as big as a small tree, or as large as a bush. Starting seeds early requires a high intensity light, more […]

Tired of Weeds? Undersow as a preventative weed control!

Green manure crops are a difficult choice for most farmers. The limitations of growing on land with no financial return, but with an emphasis on soil improvement is tough to juggle. Cultivation of crops, the removal of weed seedlings, early on can show [...]

Staying efficient with sharp garden tools!

Digging the ground with a shovel, fork, rake, or mattock can become tiresome, but it worsens if the user does not maintain the blades. Hoes become inefficient at cutting small weed seedlings during the course of the repetition in the garden. The conventional way of removing weeds is through […]

The Peanut plant

The peanut is not a nut it is a bean. The pod, like other legume family members, is in the ground. The peanut forms a yellow flower and shoots down into the ground where the peanut clusters form. It is a unique plant because when pollen is collected by the pistil, it travels through the whole plant, from the flower, down through the stem and into the root system where the peanut pod is made [...]

CowPots and Jiffy Pots, 2014

Jiffy pots and CowPots look similar at first glance, but the name is a unique window into an innovative design. Cow manure, obviously, makes the difference between the two similar products. Visit to learn more about their interesting story of creating these CowPots. CowPots are biodegradable, like Jiffy pots [...]

Water Jug Thermal Battery

You can use any plastic water container for a thermal battery storage device. During transplantation, and the seedling state of growth, extreme temperature fluctuation (+ or – 5 degrees) can seriously delay plant development. Acclimation to the outside environment, for instance with tomato plants, can be aided with full water […]

Pair the Jerusalem Artichoke with Pole Beans

For your spring planting of Jerusalem artichoke, try pairing with pole beans. The stem of the artichokes, like the stem of corn, can be used by the bean plant as a trellis. When you plant tomatoes in early spring, plant the Jerusalem artichoke, growing them all year will give large [...]

Crop Rotation Tips: What crops to follow up with

Rotation is not only important for watching nutrient depletion, but also reducing the numbers of bacteria that attacks each type of vegetable family. For instance, lettuce grown in the same spot one year, allows all season, specific bacteria to build up that does not reach toxic levels, and is safe for consumption. […]

Mycorrhizae and Bacterial connections with soil

Typically, people believe that plant roots eat up dirt and water from the time you bury the roots in the ground. What actually happens for healthy plants to grow, and gardeners to improve their production will require a symbiotic relationship between soil, bacteria, fungus, and the root hairs extending from the plant root. Myco means fungus, and rhizo is the term used for root [...]

The Broadfork: A lost tool for farmers

This broadfork from has five tines. The original French design used many years ago has been adapted and altered by this company considering the advancement of metallurgy and CNC design. Other companies have utilized old designs of the original broadfork, using steel rounded tines, bent at an angle [...]

Insulate your crops for the winter!

Insulating crops during the winter is a key element in a productive harvest year round. A tip before we discuss blankets and covers is before the sun comes up, right after the frost settles, take a water hose, and spray off the frost before the sun rises [...]

Starting seedlings inside with heating elements!

Heat is essential for growing plants from seed to harvest. Not only heat, but also an also consistent temperature not exceeding 5 degrees from the suggested growing temperature is a key element in crop production. During day and night because of light and earthly elements cause the air temperature [...]

Ergonomic Horticulture: A new beginning for better health!

Ergonomic Gardening Gardening teaches us to listen to our body. The subtle strains and injuries that develop while doing work in the garden teaches us to use our body weight when pushing, pulling, digging, and lifting, while also using correct posture when maneuvering between plants. In this article, I will go over the unique skills […]

Utilizing tools effectively: No-till cover crops

I am not going to tell you that your garden plot requires regular tilling, let alone no tilling at all. In this article, we will go through practical technicalities that will work in the creation of wonderful soil. Soil with high tilth, powdery textures, aeration, dark, rich organic matter from […]

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