Composting Basics with Green Manures & Soil Amendments

Making a compost bed is an easy garden essential! No matter what Greenhouse or different size garden plot you create, biodegradable trash, and compostable items will pile up, and could be helpful in the future as a low-cost soil amendment. Preferably, I’ll select a location a far distance away from your garden, or greenhouse. Make […]

Bats Are Friends Too!

If you enjoy nature and all its wildlife, then you may be interested in investing in a bat house. During the summer time, they are known for flying around at dusk, especially if you reside in the rural area. Here at Growers Solution, we have a wide variety of bat houses to choose from, all […]

Red Bud Trees

Let your yard be bright and colorful next spring! At Growers Solution, we sell Red Bud Trees, which come in a pack of two, approximately three-four feet high. In the spring, the blooms will appear in April and May will be a bright pink rose color. The leaves will change colors throughout the year, starting […]

Bradley Original Black Smoker

Summertime is the season for long days at the lake, bonfires at night roasting marshmallows, swimming in any creek, lake, or river that you can get to, and, of course, cookouts. This summer, let your food become legendary by using the Bradley Original Black Smoker. This smoker is great for cooking food because, unlike other […]

Growing with Hydroponics

Hydroponics…even though this growing process has been around for centuries, it is becoming more and more popular among growers, especially in larger productions. Some of these include growing, lettuce, regular garden plants, such as tomatoes, and even tilapia. Growing plants hydroponically means using mineral nutrient solutions in water, without using soil. Instead, perlite, gravel, mineral […]

Thrips...Small but Deadly

If you are a grower of plants, then I am sure you have heard or been exposed to thrips, the tiny, but devastating, plant eater. They can ruin your flowers or commercial crops, which means you lose money, time, and your production. In this article, we will discuss what thrips are and how to exterminate […]

Housing the Purple Martin

Do you enjoy watching wildlife, such as birds? If so, Growers Solution has a wide variety of products for keeping Purple Martins, a species of bird, close to your home so you get continuous enjoyment of watching from your porch or window. With our Purple Martin products, you not only get the privilege of watching […]

Poly vs. Glass Houses

The top question for new or old greenhouse users is what type to pick between polyethylene or glass house. Of course, both have their share of advantages and disadvantages. For one, the glass greenhouse is the more traditional-style house, but at the same time, the polyethylene house is the least expensive choice, which can be […]

Oasis Rootcubes

Rootcubes can be very beneficial to a gardener by making the labor less extensive and providing more desirable plants. Rootcubes can be used for seeds as well as for stem cuttings and the directions to both are easy to follow, making it extremely difficult to mess up. They are ideal for starting seeds that will […]

Keeping Plants Warm

If you are one of those eager growers that is ready to get their seeds in the soil as quickly as possible, then these products are going to interest you because they are all about getting that jump-start on planting before the last frost. Here at Grower’s Solution, we offer a variety of products that […]

New Seedlings and Transplanting

Recently, I planted various seeds at Growers Solution and waited for them to germinate. First, I placed the seeds in the NuMix number two soil that was used, recovered them, and watered them with a misting bottle. Once they were planted, I placed them on the rack provided and put heat mats under the flats […]

Plastic Mulch

When deciding on your planting needs, make sure you take into account whether or not you will be using plastic mulch, including what color. The colors chosen will all depend on what crops you plan on planting. At Grower’s Solution, we have a variety of colors to choose from, like red, blue, silver, green, white, […]

Ironsides Red Lay Flat Hose

If you are a gardener, a farmer, or just someone who uses a water hose, then you know what a pain it is having to string it out, only for it to get tangled and kinked up. Once this happens, then you are stuck having to work out the kinks and no matter how hard […]

How to Use Oasis Horticubes to Your Advantage

Like the Oasis Rootcubes, the Oasis Horticubes can make your plants even better with less labor involved and better plants for the ending product. They allow growers to take out steps in production, with better results. They are an excellent product, especially for organic farmers and farmers who enjoy working with hydroponics. Oasis Horticubes are […]

So What is Silver Mulch?

When I first heard my boss talking about silver mulch, I assumed he was talking about the regular bark mulch that had just been dyed silver. Well, you all know what happens when you assume something. I soon discovered that it was not dyed mulch; on the contrary, it was polyethylene film that had a […]

Your Own Pallet Garden

If you are running out of places to put your beloved flowers and plants and you do not want to use some ordinary pot, then you may want to check out using a pallet. Yes, I said a pallet. It is a unique way to grow a variety of plants in a small space and […]

Tips for Early Planting

If you want to start early germination, I have the perfect guide that includes a step-by-step process of how to virtually plant any crop early. After doing it myself, I found it to be easy and practical, which is ideal for any producer. If these simple steps are followed, anyone can put their green thumb […]

Wall O' Water

lanting season is right around the corner and growing the ripest and largest fruit and vegetables the quickest is what farmers and producers are always striving to achieve. What if I told you that you could start growing your squashes, tomatoes, melons, and tomatoes 30-40 days earlier and produce twice as much fruit? Well, that […]

Cowpots...Not a Load of Bull

ow pots…Yes. It’s exactly what you think. Pots that are made from cow manure. They are the latest trend that is allowing farmers and growers become more earth friendly with these biodegradable planting pots. They are helping create the Earth a healthier place and reducing the work for the producers Two second generation dairy […]

Wind Damage Control for Greenhouse Plastic

Many people are concerned about wind and greenhouses. Greenhouse frames normally do not fail. Film Fails. If you use a strapping to tighten down plastic then you can control film failure. Greenhouse plastic expands and contracts with heat and cold. Therefor you need to snug it up to get rid of the slack. Strapping works […]

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