Apricots Trees Bare Root Fruit Trees

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Apricots Trees Bare Root Fruit Trees
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These bare root apricot trees are usually 24-30 inches tall.  These trees are guaranteed healthy and will take root in your garden or orchard when planted upon receipt of live plant.  The apricot tree make a lovely statement to your yard. Apricots are self-fertile, fruit set better when planted with one or two other varieties nearby.The tree needs to reach maturity and have a successful bloom period several months before it will fruit. 

Technical Specifications

  • The Apricot Tree dates back 3,000 years to northeastern China. Apricots are versatile nutritious fruit grown from Asia to Europe and from east to west in North America. Apricots are sweet and delicious when eaten fresh, however, they may be just as often used as a dried fruit. These small to medium-sized, self-fertile trees have spreading canopies with lovely white blossoms in Spring, and yellow to red leaf color in Fall.
  • Harvesting peaks in July in mild areas and August in colder ones. The picking season is short. Pick when fruits are fully colored and the skin gives slightly when pressed. 
  • A new apricot tree requires three to four years before it will produce fruit. 
  • 100 - 120 days to harvest. 
  • Plant in full sun with moist well-drained loamy soil.

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