Sof'n-Soil Lawn & Garden Gypsum 40lb Bag

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Sof'n-Soil Lawn & Garden Gypsum 40lb Bag

Sof'n-Soil Gypsum makes its calcium available to plants far faster than limestone - though similar in chemical composition, Sof'n-Soil Gypsum is 150 times more soluble than limestone.

Sof'n-Soil Gypsum won't upset soil pH* balance - it's a neutral material, with a pH value near 7.0. Limestone and other lime products are alkaline materials which raise soil pH - detrimental to acid soil-loving plants.

Sof' n-Soil Gypsum won't change chemical makeup of plant nutrients - an increase in soil pH induced by adding limestone can change the chemistry of plant nutrients. Sometimes the affected nutrient becomes insoluble and is not available to plants. So, even with sufficient plant nutrients in the soil, an alkali condition can be created which causes plants to starve for nutrients. This is a 40lb bag.


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