Protek EP 150/225 Exhaust Hand Primers

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Protek EP 150/225 Exhaust Hand Primers

The exhaust primer operates on low engine exhaust pressure. When the exhaust valve is closed, the gases are directed through the ejector nozzle and air is drawn from the pump through the ejector suction.

Technical Specifications

  • Adapters are made of durable cast iron which can be easily welded to exhaust stacks.
  • Adapters are also threaded to fit standard exhaust pipes.
  • Ejectors and valves are made of solid cast bronze.
  • Simple design has no moving parts, eliminating wear and need for replacement.
  • Under normal conditions, suction lifts reach 15 feet in one minute and 20 feet in less than two minutes.
  • Fits all sizes of engines from 15hp to 600hp.
  • Exhaust valve closes automatically after priming to prevent rain and dust from entering exhaust stack.

Additional Information

EP 150/225 Exhaust Hand Primers Installation and Operation Directions
1 Use the adapter to attach the ejector to the engine exhaust stack. Three-eights inch (3/8 inch) NPT fittings on ejector suction, priming tee, and priming valve are for attaching tubing and fittings.
2 The pump discharge should be closed while priming. This is usually accomplished by installing a discharge check valve. A hand-operated gate valve may also be used.
3 The vacuum gauge furnished should be installed in the priming line between the valve and the ejector.
4 The vacuum gauge indicates priming rate. Engine speed may be varied for best priming pressure (between 12 and 15 psi).
5 After priming has been completed, the handle is laid 180 degrees from the priming position to permit the exhaust valve to float in the exhaust stream. The valve will close automatically when the engine is shut down.

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