Polypropylene Bird Netting For Protecting Gardens and Trees

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Polypropylene Bird Netting For Protecting Gardens and Trees

You will be amazed by how Tough this netting is but also how light it is !!!! Prevent birds from roosting and nesting in areas on your property with convenient Bird Netting. Made from tough Polypropylene, BirdNet creates a "Do Not Enter" message to pigeons, starlings, blackbirds, sparrows and other pest birds. BirdNet seals structural openings, crevices, and havens that birds enjoy for roosting. It is also very easy on the eyes. Hard to even notice this product from a distance.

Protect your vineyards, orchards, and vegetable gardens with Birdnet. It keeps the birds out and lets the light and moisture in. Less produce is lost to the birds - a net gain for you!

BirdNet can solve bird problems at your plant, office complex, warehouse, sports facility - Easy! Inexpensive! Close the book on Bird Squatting Problems!

Technical Specifications

  • Coverage: each piece of netting covers an area its own size ( 100 foot x 14 foot or 200 foot x 14 foot) - or can be cut to size for a smaller application
  • Standard Mesh is 3/4 inches
  • Lightweight, pliable, UV stabilized polypropylene netting

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