Jiffy Peat Pots #340 Case - 4.33 inches

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Jiffy Peat Pots #340 Case - 4.33 inches

Designed with retail appeal in mind, the Jiffy Pot #340, commonly referred to as "The Big One," is ideal for specialty marketing. The Jiffy Pot #340 makes a great liner for aggressive rooters (hostas, tomatoes, tree seedlings, and perennials), hydroponic starts (lettuces like romaine, green leaf, ice berg, spinach), bulbs, or landscaper woody materials.

The industry standard for over 30 years, Jiffy-Pots are manufactured from outstanding raw materials, consisting of a minimum of 50% sphagnum peat, wood fiber and lime to adjust the pH. The peat content provides a combination of superior root penetration, good drainage and aeration whilst the wood fibers strengthen the pot.

The Jiffy-Pot is the environment friendly alternative to the excessive use of plastic in horticulture. Jiffy Pots are 100% compostable and approved for organic production. At the same time, new production methods make the pot well-suited for mechanical handling.

Technical Specifications

  • #340 Pot
  • Pot Size: 4.33 inches round and 4 inches height
  • Pots per 1020 flat: 14
  • Pots per case: 960

Additional Information

  • A convenient, no-mess way to start flower/vegetable seeds and cuttings.
  • Transplant directly into the ground or larger containers-minimizes transplant shock and root damage

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