Gator-XL - Water Powered - Chemical Pump

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Gator-XL - Water Powered - Chemical Pump

Gator-XL is a Water-Powered, Chemical Pump Use in irrigation systems, sanitation applications, water conditioning, animal health, or anywhere additives are needed in water - Free Shipping!!! Accurately pumps fertilizers, disinfectants, chlorine, acids, soaps, pharmaceuticals, and many other additives into water.

This is the right pump for any situation. The Gator-XL can be used in a wide assortment of environments:

  • Agricultural water treatment
  • Poultry
  • Fertilizing
  • Hogs
  • Cattle
  • Cleaning
  • Sanitizing
  • Washing

With its heavy duty construction the Gator-XL operates at up to 120 PSI! Plus the Gator-XL handles a wider variety of chemicals, which eliminates the need for separate pumps for different chemicals. The motor remains chemical free! This gets rid of any motor corruption due to the chemicals. It's an easy installation that connects directly to the pipes, or it can connect with flexible hoses. The Units long stroke allows for increased life and reliability. The modular design allows for replacement of internal parts as well as easy access for cleaning.

Additional Information

Gator XL Specifications
Ratio 5.5 lbs. Dry 7.5 (shipping)
Max Pressure 120 PSI (8 Bars)
Min Pressure 3 PSI (0.2 Bars)
Max Water Flow 720 Gallons per hour
Min Water Flow 2 Gallons per hour
Pressure Differential Across Unit
  • 15 PSI ( 1 Bar) @ 600 GPH)
  • 10 PSI (.7 Bars) @ 450 GPH
  • 5 PSI (.3 Bars) @ 300 GPH
Chemical Feed Ratio 1/100
Chemical Feed Rate 100 GPD Max
Gator-XL Reliable Proven Service

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