Enstar II Singles (Can be subbed w/ ENSTAR AQ)

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Enstar II Singles (Can be subbed w/ ENSTAR AQ)
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Enstar II, a fast and effective Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), targets greenhouse insects at all stages of their life cycle. It mimics juvenile growth hormones that prevent whiteflies, aphids, thrips, scales, mealybugs and fungus gnats from completing their lifecycle, while adult females start laying sterile eggs once they come in contact with the active ingredient (S)-Kinoprene.

Enstar II has a low use rate of 1 ounce per 20 gallons of water and can be tank mixed with any adulticide, like Mavrik Aquaflow, and most fungicides. It's easy on plants and beneficial insects and with no resistance concerns to worry about, there is no need to rotate your IGR.

Enstar II provides long-term control that prevents pests from causing future infestations and Enstar II can be used through your irrigation system which means more time and profit for your business.

Enstar II is available in convenient 5-ounce bottles. The bottles are packaged together in an 8-pack, making Enstar II easy to handle, mix and store. For a preventative treatment, one 5-oz. bottle is enough to make a 100 gal. solution to treat a 20,000 square foot greenhouse. For a curative treatment, mix two bottles with 100 gallons of water.

Containing the active ingredient (S)-Kinoprene, Enstar II can be used on all greenhouse and interior plantscape ornamental plants. When treating new varieties, Enstar II can be tested on a few plants before making large-scale applications to assure plant safety. Poinsettia application should occur prior to bract formation.

Complete foliage coverage is necessary for effective pest control. With conventional spray equipment, mix the recommended amount of Enstar II and water. Then, spray both the top and bottom of leaves, until runoff occurs. For other applications of Enstar II, follow the equipment manufacturer's specifications. Use Enstar II alone or in conjunction with Mavrik Aquaflow Insecticide for complete pest control. For more technical information, see the Enstar II Specimen Label.

Enstar II the IGR that is compatible with all adulticides.

Technical Specifications

  • 5 oz. Container
  • Active ingredient: (S)-Kinoprene
  • Use rates: 5.0 oz per 100 gals. of water
  • Labeled crops: Greenhouses, Shadehouses, Lath Houses, Interiorscapes, on Ornamental Plants. (See Label for more)

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