Dominion 2L 27.5oz

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Dominion 2L  27.5oz
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For subterranean termite control, specific treatment recommendations may differ due to regulations, treatment procedures, soil types, construction practices and other factors. The purpose of chemical soil treatment for termite control is to establish a continuous chemical treated zone (horizontal and/or vertical) between the wood and other cellulose material in the structure and the termite colonies in the soil. Follow all federal, state, and local regulations and treatment standards for protection of a structure from termites. The establishment of an aerial or above ground colony may require additional treatments to control the termites, as well as landscape modifications, and/or structural repairs to deny termites of a moisture source. Use a 0.05% to 0.1% dilution based on current recommendations. For a typical control situation, a 0.05% dilution is used. A 0.1% dilution may be used when a severe or persistent infestation exists.


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