Captan 50 WP Wettable Powder 5 lb

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Captan 50 WP Wettable Powder 5 lb
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Captan Fungicide continues to provide performance you can trust. The first name in reliable disease control.

Growers have seen new fungicides burst onto the scene with great fanfare - and then disappear just as quickly. Other fungicides, however, remain the backbone of successful disease management programs, year after year.

What makes the difference? Simply put, growers rely on products that they know will do exactly what they are supposed to do. No wonder CAPTAN continues to set the standard for reliable protection. And because it has a multi-site mode of action, CAPTAN is an excellent fit in resistance management programs.


  • Consistent, broad-spectrum control: CAPTAN is the Swiss Army knife of apple, almond, stone fruit and berry fungicides. It does a number of things, and it does them all well. Timely applications of CAPTAN provide consistent control of the most damaging diseases that attack these crops. Along with superior efficacy against primary and secondary scab, CAPTAN delivers broad-spectrum control of many other diseases such as black rot (frogeye), sooty blotch, fly speck, black rot, Botryosphaeria rot, bull's eye rot, Botrytis rot and bitter rot.
  • Convenient, flexible application: The CAPTAN 50 WP formulation offers a cost-effective alternative that delivers the same proven performance.
  • Technical Specifications

  • 5 lbs
  • EPA# 66330-234
  • Application rates and usage recommendations are suggestions only. Please read the Label and MSDS Sheet for specific rates, application, protective equipment, etc.
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