Basic Economy Drip Kit

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Basic Economy Drip Kit

Great for beginners. This is great for vegetable or flower gardening or to drip irrigate your shrubs. 12 inch spacing on emitters will put water where it needs to go. 8mil thick will keep problems from happening. Water will wick to all plants within 3 feet of the drippers. See picture below. Water was on for a very short time. PUTS WATER WHERE YOU WANT IT ! You can use this straight or curve it and bury it in ground or under mulch. Includes hose fitting already set up so all you have to do is screw it on and turn the water on.

Technical Specifications

  • We include the Hose fitting and filter.
  • Ready to go, Unpack and screw on hose and water!!!
  • All you need to run 1 row of Drip Tape.
  • Available in 100 ft, 200 ft, or 400 ft packs.
  • Need other Parts? We have them!
  • Cut your water bill. Uses only 40% of the water. NO WASTE!

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