Netafim VibroNet Blue Mister 9.2Gph

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Netafim VibroNet Blue Mister 9.2Gph
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VibroNet Blue Mister 9.2Gph (No LPD) #0354040

Ideal for germination in nurseries and green houses, VibroNet’s innovative vibration technology delivers a perfect distribution of fine droplets across the germination table - helping you achieve significantly higher germination rates and healthy seedlings.

HIGH UNIFORMITY AND GERMINATION RATES: The uniform droplets are perfectly sized and distributed to guarantee effective germination.

SELF-CLEANING: “Vibration” mechanism prevents build-up of mineral deposits in the nozzle – reducing need for maintenance and repairs.

HARD-WEARING: Micro-emitters are made from materials resistant to abrasive agrochemicals and harsh weather conditions.


Structure without bow with vibrating action

3 different flow rates: 25, 40, 50 l / h Nominal flow rate at 3.0 bar pressure Working pressure: 3.0 bar

Recommended filtration: 120 mesh / 130 micron The filtration method is to be adjusted based on the dirt particles present in the water. If the sand dissolved in the water is greater than 2 ppm, a Hydrocyclone filter must be installed before the main filter. If sand / silt / clay is greater than 100 ppm, pre-treatment is required.

Sprinkler connection: pressure male.


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