Japanese Snowball Bush - Healthy Bare Root Plants - 2 Pack

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Japanese Snowball Bush - Healthy Bare Root Plants - 2 Pack
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One of mid-spring's most beautiful flowering shrubs, the Japanese snowball (VIBURNUM PLICATUM TOMENTOSUM) is all you need to make a statement. This shrub is covered with white lacey looking clusters of flowers with dark green foliage. Gardner's use these beautiful shrubs as a main focal point in their gardens. When flowering is over this bush blends into the background and becomes the backdrop for other flowering plants to stand out and make a statement. The foliage will turn a purple to red on the fall. Even though you will thoroughly enjoy this flowering bush outdoors, don't forget you can bring the beautiful blooms into your home as a cut flower. This will make a statement in any arrangement and will bring added beauty to any room.

Technical Specifications

  • Purchase a 2 pk of 11/2 yr old bare root 12"-18" tall.
  • Fast and easy to grow.
  • Will tolerate most soil types.
  • Flowering in early spring and enjoyed indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Low maintenance flowing bush.
  • Zoned 6-9

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