Silver Metallic Plastic Mulch 1.0 mil Embossed

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Silver Mulch has been University proven to increase yields up to 20 percent and lowers insect problems. The extra light from the reflection repels insects and the increased light from reflection is one of the reasons your yields increase. The bottom of the plastic is black to cool the soil when needed and suppress weeds. Good for all types of plants and great to use in organic gardens. Just a review, Studies at the University of California Kearney Ag Center, test show that plants grow better and more rapidly over reflective mulch than ones without any mulch. Both harvest yields and coloring of fruit increased with Silver Mulch. Silver Mulches reflect sunlight up into the undersides of the canopy, thereby increasing photosynthesis, leading to rapid growth.

Technical Specifications

  • Helps control soil temperatures.
  • Repels aphids
  • Helps conserve soil moisture & soil structure.
  • Silver/Black