Poly Tubing 1 inch Mainline

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1 inch polyethylene tubing available in 100' or 500'. Max flo 12 GPM Our commercial grade black polyethylene tubing is made of the highest quality resins and is UV resistant. Will last for years! Heavy Duty and long lasting You can drive over this without problems. The drip hose can be used for landscaped area,garden, home, or agricultural applications

Technical Specifications

  • Operating pressure: 10 to 60 PSI
  • Maximum flow rate: 720 GPH (12 GPM)
  • Sizes: 1" OD
  • Great for Transfering Water or Header pipe.

Additional Information

    Tubing Size Recommendations below.
  1. Gardens with 1000 ft or less drip tape use 1/2 tube for header.
  2. Gardens up to 7500 ft Drip tape use 3/4 tube for header.
  3. If you need to transfer large amounts of water or Need a larger header use 1 inch.