Eskay-Lite Vinyl Covering

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Eskay-Lite is a crystal clear, 16-mil vinyl covering to be used as a greenhouse cover where appearance and visibility are important. Used on the ends and sides of polyethylene greenhouses, Eskay-Lite is attractive and allows customers to see into the structures. This material is treated to be flexible to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and has a U.V. inhibitor that gives a 4-year life under most conditions.

One layer of Eskay-lite provides good visualization and is sufficient in all but the coldest of climates. It is very easy to install so that Eskay-Lite is a very attractive product that adds a dimension of warmth and beauty to greenhouses and sales areas.

Eskay-Lite is ideal for the following uses:

  • For the ends of greenhouses where maximum visual impact is important
  • For sales areas where products can be easily seen from the outside
  • For the closures that require a plastic more rigid than polyethylene film
  • For any type of portable enclosure where clear visibility is desirable
  • For screen porch enclosures during winter months

Technical Specifications

    Eskay-Lite is available in the following roll sizes:
  • 54 in. x 20 ft.: 13 lbs.
  • 54 in. x 50 ft.: 25 lbs.
  • 54 in. x 225ft: 100 lbs.

Additional Information

Installation Tips:  Eskay-Lite can be installed using methods that apply for any greenhouse film.

  • Batten strips, batten tape, or poly-lock devices may be used to secure the film to the greenhouse frame.
  • As with most plastic coverings, install Eskay-Lite during warm weather or if during winter, on a warm day.

***During Peak Seasons, Greenhouse Film will take up to 10 - 14 business days to ship. ***

***Please allow yourself plenty of overlapping for a sure fit.***

***Please plan accordingly.***