Mist-a-Matic-type Mist Propagation Controller/Electronic Leaf

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Mist-a-Matic-type Mist Propagation Controller/Electronic Leaf

Mist propagation controllers solve your mist irrigation problems by controlling misting cycles that depend on rate of evaporation which can vary with any change in weather. This system does it all. No messing with timers or clocks, no concern about the weather. We use these ourselves, and they are great!

Timer-based mist systems deal with a number of problems, like how to control the misting cycle according to weather conditions, too much water promoting disease and water waste, too little water causing wilted leaves and root failure. This is a simple, dependable system that provides the best results without the necessity of adjusting timing devices.

The Electronic Leaf simulates a leaf. When it's stainless steel "leaf" is dry, it triggers a mercury switch which opens the solenoid valve and starts the misting cycle. When the stainless steel screen accumulates enough mist, the weight of the water forces it down, shutting off the mercury switch, closing the solenoid valve. Needing practically no care or maintenance, it can be left on day and night. It is the simplest, most foolproof misting system ever devised.

Technical Specifications

  • You are purchasing an Electronic Leaf Mist Propagation Controller
  • Proven best for seed germination
  • No clocks to adjust
  • Works on the weight of water
  • Start cuttings in a propagating mix
  • Can be left unattended day and night

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