3.5 inch x 5 inch Deep Black Square Greenhouse Mega Pots - P86D - Each or Case

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Case 450 Pots - $69.95

3.5 inch x 5 inches Deep Black Square Greenhouse MEGA Pots - P86D are great for huge transplants of vegetables, tomatoes, and flowers. Great for increased root development. Form pots feature die-cut side/bottom holes for consistent drainage and are designed to fit securely in carry trays.

3.5 inch Deep Black Square Greenhouse Pots - P86D are manufactured with a new blend of plastic that greatly increases container pliability and reduces the likelihood of cracking or brittleness.

Technical Specifications

  • 450 per Case

Additional Information

Form Pots Dimensions
(cu. in.)
Top Bottom Depth
P86D 3.500 2.500 5.000 43.75